Saturday, August 18, 2007

Partying with Lucy

Well, Patrick and Lucy have become very good friends with their moms walking together every morning. So we decided to get together with the Nichols, the Buntings and their friends and hang out for an evening. Patrick loved it because he got to hang out with his friend Lucy. Tyler was trying the whole time to get them to kiss and hug and they werent having it. We got a couple of pictures of Patrick trying to plant a big one on Lucy. We decided to give them a little bath together too. Lucy had never had a bath with anyone esle before and Patrick bathes with his cousin sometimes. So we thought it would be fun and we hoped they wouldnt notice certain "differences". Well they had a heck of a time and Patrick spent all of his time crawling all over Lucy and knocking her down. He did try to plant a smooch on her during their little rub a dub dub and we had to sit him down and talk to him when we got home about how to treat the ladies, no matter what Tyler Nichols tells him to do. (Shame on you Tyler) I also just have some cute photos of Patrick doing what he does best, being adorable. We all love a little Toga.


david said...

"shame on tyler" is right. 10 month olds shouldnt be taught to make out.