Saturday, March 2, 2013

Goings on

So here are a bunch of random things because we haven't been doing much lately just getting ready for the Randalls and a Luke to come stay with us.
So our front and backyards are pretty bad and need some work. The grass is dead and the bushes are dying and we have already ripped some out. Our sprinkler system is kaput and we haven't had time to fix it. But I did find these lovelies growing in our backyard against the fence. They seem to grow everywhere in the spring so it was nice surprise to find them in our yard. 

 New blinds!! So the only windows in our house that didn't have blinds were the kids rooms. We have had sheets hanging over their windows to keep the light out. Recently we found out a friend in the ward sells and installs blinds. So we had him come over and install some nice blinds in their rooms and it looks so much nicer in there. 

 I can't remember where I took this but Elena loves trying on random hats. 

 Jesús was asked to play for our ward softball team this season and this was his first game. It was fun to go and cheer him on while I got to sit with the other wives and chat. 

 But of course we can't go to a softball games without someone getting hurt and of course it was Patrick. He ran right into the bleachers and got a huge bump on his head and a few cuts. 

 Couple days later he was playing goalie for soccer and he sprained his finger. 
He also burned his leg on Jesús' motorcycle but I didn't get a picture of that but this week this kid is a train wreck. 

 As a treat for the kids we went to get hot chocolate after soccer practice one night and as they sat down they both picked up the paper. They looked so grown up.

 We went to the batting cages with the Colas for funsies and they we went to In and Out for dinner. It was a ton of fun.

 On the way to dinner we drove by this street. I bet its awesome.

 Elenas preschool teacher was retiring after I think 20 years of teaching and we had a little surprise party for her and I offered to make cupcakes. I liked the way they turned out and we will certainly miss Miss Rhonda.

 Patricks school had a fun little carnival that they have every year and it was crazy crowded. The only thing I did the whole night was wait in line for Elena to get her face painted.  But she was super patient and very cute so it was worth it. 

 Last of all, this is our cat Ivy and this is how she sleeps. We don't get a lot of sleep these days.


StephanieBoots said...

"I want some more please" Love , Love, Love you guys!

Janae Randall said...

Your garden sure is pretty! Thanks for keeping me posted on my cute niece and nephew, too :)