Saturday, March 23, 2013

Fire Station field trip

Elena's preschool class got to go the fire station on a field trip and it was a lot of fun for them and it was interesting to see how they live. We brought food and snacks for them since they have to pay for all of their own groceries.

 They all got to go through a firetruck and here is Elena with one of the firemen.

 In the dining room they had this big black wall with dates and locations written all over it, they said that they were all the big fires that they had fought.

 They had 3 refrigerators, one for each team

 Then they got to watch one of the firemen put all his gear on and he told them not to be afraid of firemen when they are in all their gear.

 The kids had a lot of fun and the moms had a lot of fun looking at all the firemen;)