Sunday, March 17, 2013

They're here part II

The next morning we went to the JFK memorial where Bens Orchestra was playing for the anniversary of the assassination of JFK. I thought it was awesome. We got there a little late so we couldn't watch from the front but we got seats right by Ben so we could watch him play. The music was beautiful and they played recordings of a speech from JFK. I'm glad we went. 

 My cool boys

 I'm so proud of Ben and his love for music.

 Afterwards we did a little shopping at the Stonebriar mall and we enjoyed some lunch

The next night was Bens concert and it was so awesome!!! Here is the set up before they all got in. 

 Here we are in all our glory after the concert and Sara and I before it all got started. After they Orchestra and Choir finished Glenn Beck walked down the isle with a group of people. It was awesome to see him there.

The next morning we all met at an Ihop by Mom and Dads hotel and we had a yummy breakfast then went to their hotel for some last minute swimming in their heated pool.

 It felt good to sunbathe after a Texas winter

After that everyone flew home. I'm so sad they are gone. I hope they come back soon.


Connie de said...

Me too, me too.