Sunday, March 10, 2013

So many random things

So I don't have a ton of things to blog about but a few little things. I have wanted to make fondant for a cake but I didn't know how so I had Amber show me. I brought it home and tried to make a few things out of it. The rose and snowman are all I really liked I want to get a few molds or flower presses to make something pretty.

 We went to Patricks open house at school and we got to see all the stuff he is working on. His teacher says he is doing great and a super great reader.

 We were testing making leprechaun hats for St. Patricks day at preschool and I think they turned out pretty cute! Especially on cute little Elena.

 After church one Sunday while I was talking to a few young women, the kids sat at the piano and played together. I thought it was so sweet. I want a piano so bad.

 Roxanna and Diego have the sweetest puppy Darla. I love her adorable little face!!