Sunday, March 17, 2013

They're Here!!!!

My family is here!! Ben and Janae have a concert in Addison which is pretty close to us so Sara is staying with us at our house and Mom and Dad, and Ben and Janae are at hotels. We are missing Cory Stephanie and their sweet kids but I will take what I can get. Hopefully they are our next visitors. 

 The first thing we did was take Mom and Sara to La Madeleine for some yummy tomato soup and homemade bread and jam. 

 Dad bought Patrick a steam engine that they could put together. He did the same with Caleb and it was a big hit. I loved watching them work together. 

I even got a video of them working together and whenever I'm missing my dad (which is quite often) I like to watch it. 

Sara had some quality time with Elena under the blanket

 Here is Patrick with the finished Steam Engine. He loves it!!!

 We had a picnic at the park and played on the swings and went for walk on the nature path right by the playground. I'm not sure why Sara felt she needed to dance but hey! When in Dallas!

 Then we drove to Fort Worth for some good ribs and long horn bulls. Sara and Elena had to test out the horn span.

 Patrick got a to be a longhorn 

 Then he rode the cannon

 A true 10-gallon hat!!

All you can eat Risky's Ribs!! Our favorite!

 Ben did a pretty good job, maybe we will have a competition next time they are here.