Friday, January 14, 2011

Chrismtas party in Español

We were kind of sad that we were missing our Christmas party back in Bakersfield, especially since they asked to sing in it, but we were lucky enough to get to Texas in time to attend his family's ward Christmas party. His family attends a Spanish branch because they speak Spanish and they are great people to look up to spiritually. His dad just called to the High Council and we even got to hear him speak in another ward while we were there. So we got to go the Christmas party where everyone was asked to bring some dish from their country. There was a lot of food and I tried a lot of different things. Some were really good, some not so much, but I tried it. The dish Roxanna made, Jesús' sister, was my favorite. It was a good thing his mom brought us some before we went through the line because it was gone by the time we got to it.
Of course I didn't get any pictures of my kids while we were there, they were all over the place. But I did get a picture of beautiful Lucia enjoying the yummy cuisine.
And smiley Amaia
His mom asked us if we would sing with their choir because not many people show up to practice so of course we said yes, we just had to sing in Spanish. I can't speak Spanish but I can read it. So we got to stand up with the choir at the end and sing Silent Night or Noche de Paz. It was really cool because way more people stood up to sing than they anticipated and it turned out really nice.
After we left, Roxanna wanted us to see the Christmas lights so we drove to this place where all these lights were set up, it sort of reminded me of Calm but you drive through it. The line was so long that we decided to go home instead. But first I got a picture of a snowman making a basket.