Saturday, January 8, 2011

Christmas Parade

I have always wanted to take the kids to the Christmas parade in downtown Bakersfield but every time it rolls around we figure the kids will be too cold or parking will be too difficult. Well this year I told Patrick about it and he was really excited about going so I talked Jesús into it. Finding a parking spot was really annoying but we actually found one not too far away and only had to walk a few blocks. We didn't get too far into the parade route, and we didn't watch it for very long but I think the kids really had fun and enjoyed watching all the floats and bands. Next year we will maybe go earlier and park close and hang out in Jesús' office until the parade starts.

I kind of got a quick picture of these two but I think they were having a good time.
Afterwards we went to dinner at La Mina and enjoyed some yummy Mexican food. Maybe a new tradition?