Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fort Worth Zoo

We decided that since on Wednesdays the tickets are half price, we should go to the Fort Worth Zoo. We were talking to the kids the night before and telling them we were going to the zoo and we started naming all the animals they would see and Elena yelled "and the Pigs!!" and we would say "what else?" she would just keep saying "the Pigs!!!" So one of the first animals we saw was this warthog. We made sure to show her.
When we got there we first saw some cheetas but all the animals seemed to be missing so I was a little worried we wouldnt see anything in all the cold.
As it turned out, they had the monkeys inside so they wouldn't be cold and we could go inside and look at them. This chimpanzee had a little baby.
We walked up to the Gorillas and there was this gorilla sitting right next to the glass. It was so cool to see up close. The kids were a little nervous to be up close but I couldn't stop taking pictures.

The kids wouldn't stop climbing onto the planters so when Patrick was about to jump onto this rock he freaked out because he saw a lizard. He didn't realize it was just a stone lizard carved into the rock. Uncle Diego had to show him.
Next we checked out the flamingos which aren't that big of a deal except that these ones had babies and eggs that hadn't hatched yet, I thought that was pretty cool.

Patrick saw these really cool giant black birds.

We saw a huge crocodile and Elena got a little scared.

Next we got to see my favorite part. The reptiles. It was called MOLA - museum of living art. Every exhibit was beautiful.
There was this huge wall of glass and in it were fish and turtles and crocodiles. It was awesome to watch.

Elena was a little nervous.

Patrick and the big snake.
More turtles

Yes that is a sting ray. I loved watching that thing swim around, and so did Elena.
Both of the kids got to touch a snake.

I dont think I have ever seen a Komodo dragon in real life. This thing was so big and so cool looking.
We checked out the giraffes. Can you find the random ostrich?
Smiley Amaia
There was this thing called termite city or something. It wasn't real though.

Then we checked out the elephants.
Lucia wanted to ride them instead of look at them.

We saw three different Rhinos. I think I only have two of them on here but I wasn't aware there were 3 kinds.

Then we saw the white Bengal Tigers. Right as we walked up, one come right up to the window and just started pacing back and forth right up next to the glass. It was so beautiful.

The regular tigers had an amazing exhibit.
Elena got tired and got to ride in the comfy baby seat for a while. She almost fell asleep in it.
The lions were boring and sleeping.
They had this big aviary where you can feed the birds. We didn't go in but this one flew right up to the fence to say hi.

I love the Kookaburra
There was a tiny area with an aquarium
Then my camera died and luckily the kids were getting tired so I got some pictures on my phone.
Patrick on a fence
Till he realized he was right next to some birds
And last we saw the penguins. They were so fun to watch swimming around.

Afterward we took our lunch to a near by park type of area. There weren't toys but it had this old train track in it. The kids had fun playing on it.


Connie de said...

Great Zoom!

Mrs. Schmalison said...

Is it bad if I never want her to pronounce it correctly?

Connie de said...

um - yes but I understand. Hannah stopped saying Cabub. :(