Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday date night

We were lucky enough to have a date night while in Texas. Jesús' sister Beca is a wonderful babysitter, so we asked her if she would watch the kids while we went out. I forgot my temple recommend so Mom was good enough to mail it to me. So we decided we would go to the temple with Mom and Dad Moreno. They work at the Dallas temple on Friday nights so we thought it would be nice to join them. We did a quick session and since they didn't get out until 10pm we thought we would go grab a bite to eat. Jesús found a place that was on Guy's Diners, Drive-ins and Dives on the Food Network. Its called The Twisted Root Burger. We drove to down town Dallas which was about 15 or 20 minutes away and on the way we got a flat tire (we were driving his parents car, oops) so we pulled into a parking lot near the bar/restaurant and Jesús put the spare on the car in the cold. Some guy kept coming up and asking if we wanted help but we assured him we had it all under control and in the meantime he was wandering around the parking lot asking for people to pay him their two dollars to park in that lot and he would put it in the machine. After a little while some guy drove up and asked if we had given the guy money and we assured him we didn't. He then drove up to the guy and told him to get lost and the guy left immediately. Strange story.
When they placed our order they gave us a card with the name Joe Dirt on it. Everyone that ordered got a funny name and then when they called your name they would tell a joke about the name, it was pretty entertaining.
So we enjoyed some really good burgers and curly fries and fried green beans. Delicious!!!!
And the table was really cool too.
Then we headed back to the temple to wait for his mom and dad. While we waited we saw an Opossum sitting up on the wall and it just sat there for the longest time.After his parents were done we headed to Steaks and Shakes for some yummy milkshakes and for his parents to have dinner. We laughed the whole time, it was so fun.
When we got home (on the spare) the kids were in bed. Beca was awesome.