Sunday, January 10, 2010

Orton party?? Yes Please!!

Some of my favorite childhood memories are spending time with my Moms family in Utah. We went every summer and stayed with Grandma and Grandpa Orton and they would plan tons of stuff for us to do. We have been trying to go to Utah every year to visit Jesús' family and when we are there we try to see as much of my Moms family too, but we dont get the chance to see everyone. Moms brother Matt and his wife Ravoe and 4 of their 5 children, Whitney, McKay, Max and Andi (Sam is on a mission), stopped at Moms house on their way to the coast for a cruise. We were fortunate enough to go over and spend a few hours with them and it was "So darn much fun" as my Grandma Joy would say.
McKay had a fun head lamp that the kids wanted to try out. We turned out the lights and let them run amuck.
They were a little excited about Moms marble maze thing and immediately started to build their masterpiece.
Once Patrick warmed up to them he couldnt stay away. The kids swarmed McKay.
See McKay, have some kids, they love you.
McKay showed Elena how to swaddle her baby
Where's the baby??! McKay we might have to work on that before you actually have children.
Sara made a Pizzookie for them to try. If you've never had one, head on over to BJs on Stockdale. You wont regret it.
Look at them, tempting my sweet little boy with sweet goodness before bed. He was in Heaven.
This is my Aunt Ravoe and my Uncle Matt and their youngest Andi enjoying a Pizzookie.
Let the madness ensue. Both kids full of giant cookie and ice cream. Bad combo, but soooo good.
Look at what a stud my cute little cousin Max turned into!!!! He played a song for us on the Ukulele. Patrick really wanted to sing along but didnt know the words. We'll practice for next time!
Of course then Patrick needed a turn in the spotlight.
Then so did Elena
I needed a picture of the Matt Orton girls and the Randall girls since we never get to see each other.
Elena wanted Ravoe to read a book to her. Matt wanted to rock Patrick like a baby but Patrick informed him that he was indeed NOT a baby.
You guys definitely need some little people in your house. Tell your kids to get crackin'.
We had so much fun with the Ortons and I'm so glad that they came. Patrick was so funny all night using his very large vocabulary and expressions. He is certainly an entertainer. I think I might just hire him out at parties, how much should I charge? He had a great time with them and couldnt stop talking about them and kept saying their names. Even Sunday after church he was telling me how much fun he had with Max and Andi (probably because those were the only names he could remember by morning). So it turns out we need to get together more often. You guys bring a dessert and we will bring the entertainment.


Papa Randy said...

Way cute family. I can't beleive how much the kids have grown.

jemoreno said...

I'm beginning to wonder where he gets the desire to be the center of attention.... ;)

whit said...

seriously, that was one of the funnest nights of our vacation! Patrick was one of the top entertainers from the whole week, even on the cruise!

McKayJoice said...

oh my This is so funny. . . I look so beautiful.

And i LOVE that picture of my dad and mom with the kids, they look so happy! it is so funny!

YES lets get together more, please.

Mrs. Schmalison said...

Whitney he has talked about you guys this whole week! Mckay you are beautiful!!! Even after traveling all day. You guys need to work on the babies thing, your parents could use some. We will definitely have to get together more especially since Sara is moving to Draper. We can all go have fun at her place!

McKayJoice said...

Oh man, I love this post.

Max has turned into a stud.

Oh, so fun.

And yes, lets play at Sara's. I'm in.