Saturday, January 2, 2010

It's not 2009 anymore, Don't ya know

Happy New year!!! We welcomed the new year by having a small party at Old House. We invited 4 families and 2 came which was definitely ok for being our first party. Next year we will make it a bigger event but for our first party, this was perfect. Jesús made this fun screen and set up a projector for the kids to watch movies.
We set up some sleeping bags and pillows for the kids in case they got tired and wanted to lay down. Our kids needed to test them for safety purposes.

I bought some poppers for the kids to throw on the ground. We didnt have enough for everyone so we let the kids do them before everyone showed up.
Then the Colas showed up and the David Buntings minus baby Sarah. We had so much fun and Patrick and Roegan had fun staying up all night, I couldnt even tell if they were tired or not because the were running around all night. Elena went to bed at 8 and woke up at 11 to join us for the last hour. The Cola girls fell asleep in the sleeping bags which made me glad we had set those out. We really had a ton of fun and I cant wait until next year, wait....yes I can.