Saturday, January 2, 2010

New years resolutions

I've been inspired to post my new years resolutions on my blog so that everyone that reads this can question me on my progress.

-Lose weight- I have lost almost 40 lbs since Elena was born. I am thinner now than I was when Jesús and I were married. I am making good progress but I have stopped due to several things. Moving, cold weather, loss of motivation. This year I will have my 10 year highschool reunion and I have already found a dress I am determined to wear and look smashing in. I think if I work hard enough I could be down to my goal weight or less in 6 months.

-Organization- With just moving into a house, I need to find out the best way to organize everything so that each thing has a place and we will have no clutter. I no longer want to have massive piles all over that I let grow and procrastinate putting them away. It may take me several months but once its done I think things will go much more smoothly around here.

-Money- I want to live financially sound. We aren't the richest of people but we wouldnt have as many worries if we watched our finances a little more closely and followed our budget. I have had a budget since we were married but we dont follow it that closely. We are distracted by fun things and things we want rather than preparing for future necessities.

-Cleanliness- I am a very bad at being a housewife. I like to be home to be with my children but when it comes to the responsibilities of our house I am very remiss. It has nothing to do with how I was brought up, I remember our home always being clean, the kitchen was cleaned every night and we were always doing our big chores on Saturday to prepare for Sunday. The only messy part of our house was my sisters and my bedroom. We loved to play, and when it got messy it was even more fun. I remember when we were sent to our room to clean it and instead of cleaning we played in the mess all day and we pulled the mattress off the bed and made it into a slide. However, cleanliness is next to godliness and that is where I want to be. Besides, our home is a happier place when everything is taken care of and that is my job.

For funsies:

Learn to play the guitar- in my spare time (if there ever is any) I would like to play the guitar. I got a guitar several years ago and I donated it to Sara while she was at BYU so she could fill her spare time. She now has her own and has taught me how to play a little, I doubt I remember any of it though. So I would like to refresh my knowledge and improve my skills.

Sew- I would like to sew more, only if we can afford it. I have some fabric I could use and I would like to make Elena some fun summer dresses and I have ideas but I will have to create a very small fabric fund so I can finish them. I have even talked to Lindsey Bunting and Amber Cola and they would like to start a little sewing group which I think would be "sew" much fun;) We all have sewing machines now and a couple of our other friends got them as well, I think it would be fun to do it all together a couple times a month.

So now that you know my resolutions, feel free to ask me about them, make me feel guilty that I am not finished and encourage me to keep at it.


R. Hansen said...

I think that I would like to cut and paste your resolutions to my blog for myself...except for the 10 yr reunion part...hehe

Sarfer said...

Don't you think our memories of trashing our room together are a lot better than having no memories of a clean room? I do. Sorry Mom.

Mrs. Schmalison said...

Yes. Yes I do.