Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A little update on our offspring

I feel bad that I neglect the kids milestones so here are updates on both of the kids
Patrick has been a big ball of energy lately. He loves to run around and scream and he is really good at imagining things. He has started coming up with little stories about things. Most of them are pretty short but they are pretty funny. The other day he came in while we were still in bed and said "Mom let me tell you a story about a boy named Patrick. Once there was a boy named Patrick and his tummy growled because he was hungry" I looked up at him and said "Is that all?" Then he said "Oh yeah, the end". Creative huh? He has also started directing our conversations. He will say "Mom, you say Patrick what are you eating and I will tell you I'm eating a cheese sandwich, Ok say it" I'm usually pretty good at following his direction but when I mess up he makes sure to correct me. He has also had a pretty good temper lately. He loves to play with his sister but only as long as she is doing what he says. He is doing pretty well in preschool and this past Sunday he went into Sunbeams in primary. I led him into the primary and found the sunbeam chairs and the whole time he was trying to let go of my hand. When he sat down he was fine and said goodbye. I went into the hall and cried. Pitiful. How will I handle Kindergarten? I love this little boy and I cant believe how big and smart he is getting, its happening all way too fast.

Elena is a little fireball! She is all over the place and into everything! I call her my suicide baby because she has had so many near misses. There was the whole toilet incident, then one night we were at my parents and Stephanie and Cory were bathing their children and Elena wanted in so she leaned way over and OOPS! yeah she had just been dressed for the night so we had to do it again. Another time I was at my parents house again and we were in the kitchen and she found her way into Moms bathroom and climbed up on the side of her big bathtub and turned the water on. We heard a scream and we made a mad dash for the bathroom. She had fallen in. Luckily she didn't knock herself unconscious and drown in the tub before we found her. There was another time in the bathtub when I turned around for one second to grab a towel and when I turned around she was face up under the water trying to grip the side of the tub with a scared look on her face. Its a difficult face to forget. She immediately wanted out. Crazy kid. She has been working on talking and so far she can say: I love you, Daddy, dog and most animal noises, juice, she has said Momma or Mommy a couple times but really is a Daddy's girl most of the time. She loves saying No even though most of the time she means yes, if she says no and means yes I will ask her yes? and she nods her head. She is also the sweetest little girl. She loves getting hugs and giving hugs. Our favorite hugs from her are the really tight ones around our necks. Those are like gold to us. She loves her brother and loves to wrestle with him. She has had trouble not biting and hitting us and we are working on teaching her that its a bad thing. She is pretty good at saying sorry when it happens. She loves books and being read to and I try not to say no to her when she wants to be read to. She will go into nursery in March and that seems so close and even though it will be nice to finally listen in class, I will miss her being with me. I love that she is my daughter and that we will eventually get to do all those fun mother daughter things. I feel bad she doesnt have a sister because I love my sister and we have had so many good times and are really close and I trust her opinion and feel that before I make most big decisions, I ask her first. Luckily Elena has been blessed with two cousins very close to her age and I hope that she can be close to them and feel that they are like sisters.
I love these kids and I feel so blessed to be their mother. I hope I can be the best mom I can. I really am glad that I focus so much of my attention on them and their needs so that feel loved and secure.


StephanieBoots said...

Alison that was such a sweet update. I love reading about your kids and hearing about their milestones and personalities. Keep on Keepin on.

Carla said...

I cried too. With both boys. When they start anything new I cry. James's first (and second, third, fourth...) day of kindergarten was also my first day of the year at BC. I cried and cried- I barely stopped just as I walked through the door of my class. I had runny makeup and a red face.

Sadly, it doesn't seem as though it gets easier.

Good luck with Elena the daredevil! She's just making sure you earn your eventual gray hair. ;)

StephanieBoots said...

Alison, my blog looks ahh-may-zah-zing!

BrittanyB said...

I definitely want in the sewing group. Maybe then I'll actually start working on my quilt.