Saturday, September 8, 2007

Patricks Birthday Party

Well since Patricks birthday was on a Wednesday, it was a little difficult to plan anything during the week. So we planned his party for Friday night. Yes I know, why throw a party for a 1 year old that will never remember it? Well it was partly for Patrick and partly for me. I guess I just needed to something that would crack the reality into me that I have a toddler now instead of an infant. Plus, he is my first child and he will never turn one again. It was really last minute and he had alot of people that were not able to come but there was still a good turn out and Patrick had a great time. I took alot of pictures and some didnt turn out because he was very tired by the end and didnt really want to smile but you'll get the idea.

This is Patrick enjoying his birthday dinner
Mac and Cheese mmmmmm......
Patrick got a lot of great gifts, he's gonna be the best dressed
kid in Bakersfield.

Patrick did take a moment from opening his presents to
pose with his mom.

He also got this great Winnie the Poo riding thingy
and as you can see he is so excited about it.

After riding it for a few minutes and falling off once
and getting back on he started to enjoy it.

His cousin Caleb also wanted a turn a little before Patrick was done
and as you can see he wasn't very happy about it.

Caleb decided to push Patrick around instead. He pushed really fast
and it made me a little nervous but Patrick seemed to enjoy it.

Eventually Caleb just kind of took over, I'm glad he enjoyed it.

This is the fabulous little cake made by the wonderful
Katy Nichols. Thanks again Katy!!

Patrick loves Mickey Mouse and it was shame he had to tear into
such a lovely cake.

As you can see he got a little messy and his dad ended up giving him
a big blob of yellow frosting that just ended up all over his legs, so he got a bath during his own birthday party. Very classy. We had a great turn out and a great time. He cant wait until Lucy Nichols birthday party. He told me so.


Carla said...

We throw our kids a party every year, sometimes it's just a little one but still. I tell myself I'm not going to but then the fact that they're growing up so fast starts to affect me and we end up having one. Anyway, Patrick is adorable!

Thirstin' for Thurstons said...

Sorry we couldnt make it. We were out of town. But its looks like it was a ot of fun! He is soo grown up!