Thursday, September 27, 2007

A First Haircut

Yes, Patrick had his first haircut. I decided he was looking a little shabby around the ears and I ask the fabulous Katy Nichols to cut his hair and she did a fabulous job and now he is the cutest little boy. Patrick didnt like the whole process but in my warped world, I think he likes his new locks. Here are few pictures of the drama.

This is his before picture, yes very shaggy.

Cant you tell he loved it?

I love this picture.

This is the after picture.


Shannon said...

That picture is so classic. He makes some of the cutest expressions and you know exactly what he's thinking. LOL!!

Carla said...

Adorable!!! He's so tan with the most blue eyes.

Emster33 said...

He is too cute! How are you guys doing?

Amber Waite said...

I love the pictures & the new haircut! Patrick has the cutest expressions. We had a good time hanging out the other day. We'll have to get together again sometime soon.

lacey said...

Hey Alison- it's Lacey Williams. I need to cut my baby boys hair too. I am dreading it a bit. His too is a bit shabby. I will have to gather the strength and just do it!
So nice to catch up with you through your GREAT blog. Patrick is such a good mix of the two of you and he is absolutely a charmer! For sure a cutie.