Friday, September 21, 2007

An afFAIR to remember

Well its hard to deny the best corn dogs, tacos, and cinnamon rolls you will ever have. So, yes we made our way to the Kern County Fair. Patrick was only two weeks old last year when the fair came around so we weren't able to go. So we packed up last minute and bundled up for the the new chilly air and the thousands things you need for a toddler. But we had an excellent time. Patrick has a little fear of the bigger animals at the racing of strange animals, Patrick got really scared and cried. But after we calmed him down, he was fine. He had a great time looking at the animals like the elephants, the rabbits, the baby chicks, the cows, the sheep (those scared him too) the goats and the ducks.Patrick needed Daddy to hold him around the sheep. And the elephants were sooo cool!!!

Patrick and Lucy looking at the new baby chicks. And Patrick wanted to touch the bunnies.

We relaxed in the hammock chairs for a little while.

After we finished our fabulous cinnamon roll!!

Patrick was soooo excited about the fair


Amber Waite said...

Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun at the fair. I can't wait to take Evelyn next week.

Tenille Gates said...

alright, i am officially jealous..this is the first time that ive missed the good ol' kern county fair in a looong time :0) its good to see youguys are havin fun!