Wednesday, September 26, 2007

All over the place!!

Ok, I dont know if its because he's one now but Patrick is now crazy. He has learned to climb, and so he is all over the place. It can only get worse from here. He is sort of walking now. He can go pretty far but he is kind of a chicken and has not decided to become a member of the walking community yet. He had his one year check up a few weeks ago and I was told that he is too skinny. He is in the 3rd percentile for weight and has been slowly declining since he was born. So he has finally started to drink whole milk, I was worried about that because he didnt like formula and he loves juice and the doctor said he shouldnt have juice anymore. I was like "WHAT??" this is going make my life crazier than ever!!! But he has finally learned to love milk and I think he is bulking up a little bit. I was also told that he is slightly anemic so now I have him eating every iron enriched food you can imagine. So I think in the health aspect we are doing ok but I am going to have to fatten this kid up.Patrick likes climbing into our chairs, he just doesnt know how to get out of them.

Patrick in his big boy clothes.

I came around the corner the other day and Patrick had managed to
climb up onto the coffee table.

Patrick loves to make a mess in the kitchen with all the lids. It sucks to
clean it up all the time.