Thursday, October 24, 2013

Things we've been doing

We stopped over at the Bluths the other night to drop off their lawn mower that we borrowed. We hung out for a little while and chatted in the backyard while the kids played with their dog. 

 Then of course Everett had to teach Patrick some tricks. Patrick loves the Bluths. Both kids do. They would rather sit with them at church than with us. Thats ok though, because I love the Bluths too. We make sure we save their seats in front of us every Sunday. 

 I sat and watched Elena play games on the computer the other day. I love her. She looks so grown up with her cute little haircut. She is brings so much joy into my life. And sass. She's so sassy. 

 So every time I work out. I lay on the ground to do crunches or a plank and there's the cat. She has to lay under me or practically on top of me. 

 I had a really hard day yesterday. One thing after another. And I forgot to eat lunch so I ran by Chick fil a and they gave me this little ice cream for free. I felt Heavenly Father was reminding me that he was there. Even though I felt like crawling into a hole I knew that he was aware of me and what I was dealing with.