Friday, October 4, 2013

Bathroom makeover

So we decided to start a huge project on our house. The texture on our walls is awful. Its sticks out so far that Elena gouged her arm on it and was bleeding pretty badly. I have never liked the texture of our walls so we decided that we would start on a small room so we started on the kids bathroom that doesn't have a lot of wall space. We decided to sand down the walls and repaint with paint that is a little more water proof since the flat paint which is all over the house isn't working so well in the bathrooms. We were having some bubbling up on the side of the tub where the steam escaped during showers. 
So first started the sanding. We bought a couple of sanders and got started on the walls and ceilings. 

It created quite the mess. So then the painting started. We bought a huge 5 gallon bucket of paint for all our ceilings without matching it to anything. Stupid. I hated it because it didn't match the trim and I don't feel like painting all the trim in the house, at least not yet. Maybe someday. It was just too white. So we went back to Home Depot and they changed the paint color to match it perfectly for free!! 

 So then we got the walls painted and and everything cleaned up

I really like the finished product but there are a few more things I want to do in there. Change the rugs on the floor and frame the mirrors and add a wire towel shelf behind the toilet.
It was a great room to start on since nobody really sees it. Next up, our bathroom!!