Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Great Texas State Fair

So the State fair is a big deal here. They kids are even given a day off of school. Awesome right? So we decided to go and enjoy the day together. It started off cool and then it got warm but not too bad. It was fun. We first stopped off in the food area to get some Corny dogs which are my favorite and well worth waiting in a huge line. 

 The kids also really enjoyed them

 Then we ran into the missionaries and they were asking where the butter sculpture was. Butter sculpture?? I know!!! So we went into the exhibits and checked out all the handmade stuff and search for the butter sculpture.
This Van Gogh was made entirely of buttons. It was pretty awesome.   

 All the lego creations were pretty incredible too. 

 Then we found the butter sculpture. It was huge!!! So much freakin butter!!!

 We wandered around a bit and walked through the exhibit. We were really on a search for cinnamon rolls. 

 We walked through the car building and snacked on some cotton candy.

 Inside the car building were all the superman costumes from Hollywood. It was pretty cool. 
Here is the costume that Dean Cain wore.

 And Christopher Reeves

 And here is the most recent Superman costume used with the costume that Russell Crowe wore.

 We thought it was pretty neat.

 In this huge tree they had cut down, they had carved the whole inside out to be a house. We didn't go inside unfortunately. 

 Patrick had to try on the cowboy hats 

 I had to get a picture of the New Big Tex. The old one burned down last year so they have been working all year on a brand new one. He is a little creepy looking. 

 Then we headed to the farming area which the kids wanted to do last year but we never got a chance to get into. Since we went earlier in the day, we had plenty of time. 

 The kids had to grab a basket and an apron and follow the signs. 

 They had to pick peaches and grab some seeds.

 Then they had to feed the chickens and grab an egg

 Then they had to pant their seeds

 Then they got to ride a little tractor to pick up the animal feed

 Then they got to milk the cows and feed them

 Then after they turned everything back in they got pretend money to buy a snack from the store.

 It was a very cool learning experience for them

 When we realized there were no cinnamon rolls (I know, depressing) then we decided to try the red velvet funnel cake. It looks nasty but it wasn't too bad. I probably won't get it next time though. Just not worth all the calories. Cinnamon rolls are though. 

 Then Jesús decided to go find a turkey let so we sat and watched the roller coasters.

 And Jesús got his turkey leg

 We watched some guys surf on a simulated wave.

 Then I had to get a picture with me and my kiddos.  We had so much fun. Until next year Big Tex!


Connie de said...

I knew Texas had a flaw: no cinnamon rolls.