Monday, November 19, 2012

The new house week

So we started moving this week and there were good times and bad. 
The washing machine fell apart and had to buy a new one. And while cleaning the apartment the vacuum broke.

 However we got everything moved in and we love it

 Our huge oak tree is changing colors and its beautiful in the morning as the sun hits it. But look at those leaves. So many.......sigh.

 It was also Thanksgiving and I got to bake for the first time in my new kitchen with my brand new oven. I don't think I've ever had a new oven. Its wonderful. I make mini pumpkin spice cupcakes with salted carmel frosting. They were so good.

 I finally got to hang my Grandma and Grandpas mirror. I'm so happy to finally have it where we all can see it. This mirror hung in the entry way of my Grandparents house. Imagine how many times they looked in it to straighten a jacket or tie or for Grandma to make sure her lipstick was just right. This is one of my favorite keepsakes. 

 And here is the kitchen all set up and mostly unpacked. I think its wonderful.


Connie de said...

yep. They're probably still with you in spirit once in awhile. All of us.