Saturday, November 17, 2012

Fun Weekend. Well at least for me.

I heard that my favorite bloggers were going to be in Dallas for a book signing and I wanted desperately to go. I found out my friend Jazmine was going so we decided to go together. I'm so glad I went, it was so cool to meet them!

 Here they are at a distance while we waited in line and the long line that wrapped around the neighborhood. 

 They were so nice and I brought a ceramic animal that Sherry signed for me and John signed my book. I told that the day before was my birthday and that I got a house for my birthday. It was awesome.

 The book signing was held at a West Elm store and they had such cute Christmas decorations. They looked easy to make too. I had to take pictures to get ideas.

 While I was at the book signing, Jesús was at the new house waiting for the delivery guys with the refrigerator and setting up our new entertainment unit. Unfortunately I had the car and Elena ended up throwing up all over the carpet. I felt bad but I'm glad I was able to go. 

 We had brought sleeping bags because the house is crazy cold and we didn't have the gas turned on yet.

 Poor sick girl

 We had already brought kichen stuff over so I was unpacking the kitchen while Jesús put together the rest of the furniture.