Thursday, November 29, 2012

A few random things

Can I just say how much I love breakfast at my table from Grandma and Grandpa in our kitchen. I don't know why, maybe because we all fit so comfortably and its in our very own space. 

 I found out that Randy and Anita Clement were going to be in town and I mentioned they were going to be very far from us so we they invited us to a golfing range. It was awesome and so fun seeing them and getting caught up with them and their family. 

 One nice thing about our house is that its so close to Patricks school that now I can just walk up the street and pick him up when the weather will allow it. It is so fun to talk about what Patrick learned and walk with friends in the neighborhood. 

 The leaves have been dropping like crazy! Elena likes using the push broom to clean the driveway. I'm glad for the help to keep it clean. Of course until the wind blows. 

 When we moved in we decided to wait to set up Elena's bed in her room because it is Patricks old bed and I wanted to paint it first. Of course Elena's room turned into a giant play room. I just close the door and ignore it until I get the bed painted.