Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Random Things

So this post is just a bunch random things that we have been doing. 
The kids have really been wanting to paint but I didn't want them painting inside over the carpet so I bought them some small washable paints and sent them outside on the patio to do a little artwork. The patio is now covered in paint. Too bad I don't have a hose to wash it off.
 Patrick has been wanting a lot of things lately, so I decided he needed to do some chores to earn an allowance to buy what he wants. Well he was having a hard time completing the chores such as making his bed, so Grandma Connie promised him that if he made his bed five days in a row she would send him a surprise. So everyday he made his bed and we sent her a picture. Well after five days we got a package in the mail. He got a little magnetic dart board and both he and Elena got disguises. Can you tell who is who?
 Jesus' sister has a cat named Paco. Paco is a big fat white cat that is very patient with the kids when they torture him. Patrick decided Paco needed glasses so he stuck some Mr. Potato head glasses on him and he actually kept them on for a few minutes. They may be a little small for his fat head.

 So after telling the kids over and over again to pick up their toys from the front room and their bedroom, I got a little angry and decided to bag up every toy and lock them in the closet. They didn't have toys for 3 days. Their room looked nice for a change. After 3 days I went into their room and organized their toys and got rid of everything that didn't fit into their toy buckets and toy chests. Two bags of toys are now gone and one bag of trash. Feels good. And the new rule is their room has to be picked up before bed or they don't get to go to sleep. Now we can wake up to a clean room!
 The kids found some sticky foam letters in our school stuff and they started sticking them all over me. It then became a game between Patrick and I to sneakily stick the letters on each others face without the other one knowing it. I lost.
 I was asked to go to Youth Conference last week end and help with some of the games. I really wasn't much help but I sure had a fun time. We had the game at Lake Lewisville which is really pretty but it was chilly and really windy which made it worse. The sunset was beautiful though. I'm glad I went, I met a few other ladies in our stake, one was a photographer that said I can call her as soon as I get my camera and she will help me. Very exciting.
 We got a blue Icee at Target the other day and I don't know how she did it but she turned her teeth and tongue very blue. Patrick was upset because his wasn't blue at all.

 Elena has been in need of some longer dresses, I think she's hit a growth spurt. So I went to Carters the other day because they were having a sale and I got her  few. I did her hair all pretty for church and she looked very cute. Of course this picture was taken after church when she had taken out her hair and it was crazy and I had to fix her bow because it was upside down by her neck. Next time I'll get a picture before church.
 I took the kids to a new park today, its maybe 5-10 minutes away but we have heard its really fun. The kids loved it! Its set up like big ship and has a globe and wheel and port holes. It even has a springy whale to ride on.

 After the park I went driving around the neighborhood because it was so pretty and look what I found!! There was a house for sale on Randall Lane, think its a sign?
 I was folding laundry yesterday and watching an old movie. When I turned around I found Spiderman sitting on the bed behind me. I have no idea where he came from or where Elena went. Crazy.


Connie de said...

She's a nut.

Mrs. Schmalison said...

I know, but she keeps us laughing so thats whats important.