Friday, April 6, 2012

Bug Hunters

We have learned that things really are bigger in Texas. We have huge June Bugs all over the ground in our apartment and huge mosquito eaters. Elena has been terrified of them but Patrick has been fascinated. I decided to help with both of them we would learn a little bit more about bugs. I bought them butterfly nets and bug observer things in the dollar section at Target and I got Patrick a bug book at his reading level so he could read about different kids and learn about them. So one night after dinner I took the kids on a walk around our complex in the dark with a lantern to see if we could catch any night time bugs. In was really nice to be out at that time, it reminded me of when I was a kid and my brothers and sister would play around the neighborhood in the dark. I loved it. I think my kids loved it to.
We saw some bugs but couldn't catch any. Finally we were watching some moths and Patrick wandered out onto the grass and found a frog. So I caught it in the net and we took it home for Dad to see. The kids watched it for a bit and then we let him hop off.