Friday, April 13, 2012


* I added a few more pictures
So for Easter, Jesus' mom got us tickets for the kids to participate in an easter egg hunt for their community. It was a beautiful day so we walked over to the soccer and baseball park it was being held at.

Patrick and Elena had to be on separate fields because of their age differences and we weren't even allowed on Patricks field and he had to do it all by himself. He was terrified. Look at that sweet concerned face.

I waited with Patrick for a few minutes then Shelley came to tell me that Elena was crying for me so she waited with Patrick while I went to find Elena. Jesús was working late so I was a single parent for the evening, but since Jesús' family was also there that solved that problem. Elena's whole line was crying because the anticipation was too much.

Lucia was crying too but she got a little happier when we finally got onto the field.

Elena was awesome and was way ahead of the whole crowd grabbing the eggs no one was near. Smart girl.

She did good getting plenty of eggs and was super excited.

When Elena was done we headed over to the other field to find Patrick and wish him good luck. He had cheered up a lot by the time we saw him.

The mob of kids going after the eggs was CRAZY!!! It was like a swarm when the whistle went off.

Patrick was so happy that he did a good job getting the eggs by himself. I couldnt find him afterwards for the longest time and started to get some crazy anxiety that he had been kidnapped or was lost or something.

Then we walked back to Jesús' parents house. I love a big Texas sky.

For Easter Sunday we went over to Jesús parents house for family dinner and I was in charge of dessert so I found a recipe for truffle stuffed cupcakes and I just tweaked the recipe a bit. I made two kinds, white chocolate stuffed vanilla cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and milk chocolate stuffed chocolate. I think they were a big hit but I definitely want to practice this one so I can perfect it.

The kids liked them, and Amaia loved them!

I'm not sure how Elena got it all over her face and even on her eyebrows but I guess if you're going to enjoy a cupcake, you better really enjoy it.

Rosamber made the kids happy by swinging them around. I should have done it too to work off the cupcakes.

Patrick was a comedian the whole night. He wanted a messy face too so he kept smashing his face into the cupcake but the frosting just fell off him.

Sweet Bruno was the center of attention.

Here's Patrick diving into his cupcake

Elena and Lucia had such a good time playing with eachother

Trying to get a picture of all the grandkids together with them all looking at the camera and smiling is just impossible, but I have to say that this came pretty close.

Happy Easter!!!!