Monday, August 22, 2011

Patricks first day of school

Patrick started Kindergarten yesterday. He was excited to wear his new backpack and use his new lunch box. He even got new shoes. Before he went to bed the night before he picked out his favorite shirt(s) and shorts to wear.
Elena wanted to be in the picture too.
He's a very cool kid.
We met the Colas at the donut shop extra early so we could pick out our favorites and head to school to eat them.
We all piled into the Cola van to eat our yummy not so healthy breakfast.
We waited outside for the gate to open. Patrick and Roegan were really excited.
Once in the classroom the boys checked out the classroom and had all smiles. Once it was time to sit down, Patrick got nervous and Roegan started crying. When I picked Patrick up he was much happier and he had a great first day. Since this morning was his second morning I was told that the kids are taken into the cafeteria and then when its time to go to class the teacher comes to get them. I figured I could drop him off and someone would be there waiting to usher him into the cafeteria. Nope. Everyone was waiting outside because now the gate doesn't open till 8:00. There was no parking and I had no idea what to do, then I saw Amber Cola waiting with her kids. I left Patrick waiting with them. I feel bad because he was nervous about being just dropped off and I was so unsure of what to do that I didn't take the time to reassure him. I should have just driven off to find somewhere to park to wait with him. I will be sure to tomorrow. I hope he's ok.


StephanieBoots said...

Our boys are in kindergarten! Patrick looks really happy in all the pictures!

Mrs. Schmalison said...

He was stoked all morning. He stopped smiling when he had to sit down and I had to leave but he was very brave.

Sonnet and Christian said...

You could try parking in front of the Pitt's house and just walking down to the school.

Mrs. Schmalison said...

He's going to Eissler. I got him transferred because he was supposed to go to Nichols and for some reason that made me nervous.

Sonnet and Christian said...

Never mind then. You're right, there is absolutely no parking around there especially with the Jr. High next door.