Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Happy Birthday to our Sweet Elena

Today our sweet little girl turns 3. Its hard to believe that 3 years ago was an amazing yet scary day. We are so blessed to have her in our family and that she is healthy and happy. Sometimes I look at her and think she is the cutest little girl I have ever seen and I can't believe she's mine. She wanted to celebrate princess style so I got her a crown which she wore all day. She wanted to wear her tutu which made her look even more like a princess. We got her birthday balloons and set them outside her door before she woke up. The first thing she said when she opened her door was "What the heck is that??!!!!

Some things about this darling girl are:
She loves anything girly. When ever we pass anything pink in the store she says "I see girl stuff!"
She talks like crazy. Some times, especially at bedtime, I can't even get her to stop talking.
She loves to cuddle. Whenever I lay down on the couch she runs up to lay down with me.
She eats completely different from her brother. She doesn't like Macaroni and cheese and loves beans.
She loves/tortures our cat. Whenever I hear the cat meowing I'm almost positive its her torturing the cat.
She will not potty train! Its making me crazy but I finally decided she is not ready.
She loves her brother, she loves playing with him whenever he will let her.
She says the funniest things for a 3 year old. Hence her first statement on her birthday.

We love her so much and are blessed to have her in our family.