Saturday, August 6, 2011

I can't leave them alone for a second

The other day I was getting some stuff ready for girls camp and I noticed it was dangerously quiet. That scares me. I started the routine check of the house to see where the kids were. Patrick was playing quietly and watching cartoons and I found Elena hiding under my bed. Why was she hiding under my bed?
Well let me show you whySomewhere she found a highlighter and decided our sheets would make the perfect canvas. She had also found a spot of mattress that wasn't covered by sheets and wrote on that too. I guess its my fault for not making the bed that morning.


Carla said...

If you would have made your bed, then it would have been all over the comforter which is way harder to launder (at least at our house). I say this is a perfect example of why NOT to make your bed.

Mrs. Schmalison said...

True because it didn't come out of the sheets.

StephanieBoots said...

That is very "pollyanna-ish" of you Carla. It's important to have friends like this in our lives.