Sunday, July 18, 2010

Pioneer Day

I really miss Pioneer day at the Kern county museum. It was so fun with snow cones and tacos and corn dogs. Well this year, our ward put on a little something in our building. I was really hot outside so it was nice to have it inside. We did have a little pioneer trek outside around the parking lot and I got a little taste of what it would have been like. About a third of the way around Elena wanted to be carried and Patrick wanted to go back. To keep him mentally occupied I told him about the pioneers and how hard it was for them and he seemed pretty interested that they had to walk so much and sleep outside. Jesús was rafting so he missed out on all the fun. We went inside and I asked Stevie Gabbitas to take Patrick out to the games which were I think water balloon toss and tug of war. I stayed inside and let Elena color a pioneer picture and enjoy the air conditioning. After the games we had chili from the chili contest and pie from the pie contest. I made a strawberry pie and won an award for best strawberry pie. Second pie I have ever made and it was Joy Johnsons recipe. Thanks Joy!! The kids really enjoyed the pie and pigged out.

I grabbed a pioneer bonnet for the kids to play with when we got home. Patrick was being a stinker and wouldn't put it on but I must say, Elena would have made one cute pioneer!