Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Longest 4th of July ever

I'm not kidding. It started Saturday morning with the pancake breakfast at Craig and Marci Nevilles house. Jesús was helping with the cooking and I got up late so by the time the kids and I got there he had to go down to the rafting warehouse. My oldest and dearest friend Lori helped me get the kids fed and then I let them run around a bit.

Jesús was going to be rafting all day and I really didnt want to wait for him to get home for us to do some fun stuff so we headed up to the Nichols place for swimming and BBQ. It was fun to hang out with the friends from our old ward and meet some new ones.
Elena was hilarious with these goggles and tube on.
Patrick hadn't seen Lucy in such a long time and he had a great time playing with her.
After a few hours of swimming and eating I took the kids home for a nap. When Jesus got home we packed up dinner and went to the Monica field ballpark. There was a small group there but it was fun to hang out and eat.
We called the Cluffs on our way over to invite them and lucky for us they showed up and we had even a better time. We needed to our Cluff time before they move. Patrick and Holdyn get along so well and they had such a great time.
We bought some sparklers and the kids loved them, ahhh the simple things in life.
The Delgados had bought a bunch of fireworks in Utah and we were lucky enough to watch them. Elena was scared the whole time but Patrick loved them. Elena kept saying she wanted to go home.
The next day after church we decided to go to Katy and Tylers for some more BBQ and fireworks. This is typical Jesús.
Elena loved the sparklers until she got a little burn but she picked it right back up and kept playing.
Patrick loved writing on the ground with them.
After a while we heard the Seven Oaks fireworks going off so we drove over to our old building on Old River Rd. to watch them. Elena was scared again but they were so amazing. If BC doesnt do theirs next year we are definitely going there.
Monday morning we took the Cluffs and their friends, the Nichols and the Manus down the river. It was so much fun. Probably my best time. We even stopped at one point to jump from a tree into the river. I learned I have no balance.

Then afterward we headed to my parents for swimming, naps and BBQ. It was seriously the longest weekend but so fun. I'm still trying to catch up on the house since we were barely home all three days.
Here are the girls paying with the doll house. Elena is eating the baby.
Thank you everyone that let us come to your parties, it made for an amazing 4th of July weekend.


Connie de said...

I still have sparklers we never used...

Mrs. Schmalison said...

lets use them and write on your street

Connie de said...

ok. The HOA would love that.