Tuesday, December 1, 2009


We are waiting until we can fit the internet into our budget before we are online again but I plan on being at my Moms at least once a week so I can update here. I dont have any pictures because still no camera. We are officially moved out of the condo and all moved into the house. It was great to hand the keys over and be done super cleaning for a few days at least. Old house needs a good cleaning from construction but I'll get to that later. For now we have been unloading boxes and figuring out where everything goes. We did run into a snag yesterday when we discovered all the water backing up. The problem was found and the pipes outside will have to be replaced. For now we just have to deal with some holes in the front yard. No biggie. We couldnt get the heater working at first but Jesus fiddled with it and TADA!!! Heat. We also dont have a washer or dryer so we are having to come to Moms and Dads once a week which might get a little old lugging everything back and forth but since we dont live as close anymore they will have some time with Grandma and Grandpa. It a little difficult not having a washer and dryer so handy especially with the kids. We have some more before and afters to put on the the Old House blog but I will have to bring my computer to my moms to upload.

Update on the kids: Elena and Patrick both have colds which is making them extra whiny but its nothing we cant handle. It took them a few nights to adjust to the new house but now they seem to like it. Patrick is really liking the room to run and has really enjoyed the backyard. Elena loves the little steps from the front room to the family room and just keeps going up and down them on her tummy. Its pretty funny and she's getting pretty fast.


The Potter Pack said...

Hi Love ... miss you !! CK out my blog - I have updated it a bunch this last wk ... catching up from the last few crazy months !