Friday, December 4, 2009

Its Christmas time at Old House

I pulled out the Christmas tree yesterday so we could decorate it as a family. The kids thought the whole process was pretty amazing. Elena couldn't stop pulling at the strand of beads and wanted to keep all the decorations to play with. She was a little upset when she couldnt.
But Daddy showed her how to put them on anyway
Patrick got to put the star on this year
Elena loved sitting under the tree to look at the lights and the beads. The pics are a little fuzzy because I liked the light by the tree lights.

The morning I set up the tree I found a couple of Santa hats and the kids loved them. They were a little big and they got a little lost in them.
I did get nice one of Elena
Before this happened....

Check out our Old House blog for before and after pictures.


Johnsons Away said...

I love the pictures, the kids are so cute. Good job to Jesus for showing Elena how to put on the ornaments, too sweet. Glad the house is coming along to well. Talk to you soon.

Sarfer said...

Mom thinks the last one should be your Christmas card. I heartily agree.