Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Our first fall in Old House

We have a huge tree in our front yard which looked beautiful this fall with its bright yellow leaves. In the sunset it almost looked like it was glowing. Unfortunately, that only lasted a week. The wind came and knocked all the leaves off the tree which then created a mess of leaves on our front lawn. Jesús went and bought a very large rake and raked all the leaves into a pile and Patrick couldnt resist.
Look at the joy on his sweet face. If only thats what it took for all of us to be happy. How simple.
Then the kids made up a new game. Its called "Lets push the chairs in a circle from room to room." It was a very fun game all of 2 times when the game was canceled due to my bleeding ear drums.

That leaves these final two sweet pictures of the kids. I found them on Patricks bed snuggled up and reading books. I went in now and then to join them while dinner simmered.


Johnsons Away said...

That is too swwwet and funny. I love playing in the leaves, so many great memories.