Saturday, October 17, 2009

Wipe out

One of Elena's favorite things is wipes. She loves to pull them out and wipe everything. The other day she was wiping our walls. What a good helper.

These are my underwear children. Its not a party until you wear underwear on your head. Isnt that how that goes??


the5firds said...

Send her up to Denver is she is looking for more work. Love the underwear on the head!

Sarah Smith said...

I wish Cadence would clean with the wipes she pulls out. Instead she just drops it and pulls out the next one. I have more wipes in freezer bags than in actual wipe containers, I swear... I'd prefer having clean walls, lol.

Dawnelle Anderson said...

my kids still pull out wipes and waste them - it never ends. I love the underwear pics!!!