Saturday, October 24, 2009

An Early Halloween

I couldnt decide on what Elena should be this year. I know I wanted to make it so I figured if I found red fabric with white spots she would be a minnie mouse and if I found red fabric with black spots she would be a lady bug. Well I found neither so Sara and I talked about it and and we decided she should be minnie mouse. I found red fabric and made my own spots. I made her a black onesie with flutter sleeves, sewed on a couple more spots and I made a headband with ears and a bow. The shoes were patricks old church shoes and I just painted them yellow. I think it came together well and it was really cheap with all of the halloween sales and the black fabric I already had from when I made Patricks pirate costume, for some reason I bought a ton. Good thing. Patrick said that he wanted to be Buzz Lightyear so we bought him a cheap one from target. I was anxious to try out Elenas costume and luckily Reese Cola was having a birthday party that was a costume party. So we dressed up and headed out.
Surprisingly Elena wore her ears for quite awhile before realizing they were there and ripping them off.

Patrick wanted to be Spiderman so we put him in his Spiderman pajamas. I was a little upset because we had spent the money on his costume but I went with it. About an hour before we left he was drinking juice and spilled all down the front of his "costume" so unfortunately "wink wink" he had to wear his costume I bought.

Patrick had a good time playing with the older kids. Here he is with one of his victims. Those boys were such good sports.


BrittanyB said...

you are so talented! Elena looks fabulous in her costume ;)

Mrs. Schmalison said...

Thank you, but I really need practice. At least in the pictures you cant see all the little mistakes.

Tyler said...

Allison...that is way adorable. I love it! It looks so good on Elena and your kids are so cute.


Tenille Gates said...

That costume is simply adorable ♥ What a cute little minnie mouse she makes ;0) Im feeling better now..ive havent been sick as often which is bueno! Thanks for asking ;0)