Thursday, October 29, 2009

Grandma's home!!

Grandma went to Hawaii. Again. We always benefit though. Not in the way of actually going with her or anything but reaping the gifts she finds there. I'm sure we would all much rather go. On her latest jaunt she found some really cute outfits for the kids.

Yes she's crying, but doesnt the dress look cute?

Oh look, now she's smiling

Patrick kept calling these his work clothes and said now he needed to go to work. Good, we need a little extra income for fun things!

The earings are hard to see but I got little plumeria earrings. (Do you like how I'm trying to be interested with whats on tv? It was PBS. I wasnt interested.)


McKayJoice said...

I love Patrick in his work clothes.
That kid cracks me up.
That is so funny

Johnsons Away said...

Too cute!! I love Hawaii clothes, all the flowers are so fun.