Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving weekend

Well we had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Unfortunately Ben and Janae werent able to be here because they were with her family, but we were very fortunate to have the Marchesini's, Stephanies mom and dad and sister, with us. It was good food and great conversation. Here are the highlights of the weekend:

Here is Elena sitting in her carseat watching all the cooking going on.

After dinner we had the boys doing crafts to keep them happy and occupied. Grandma bought lots of fun stuff to do. One thing was stick on tatoos. Patrick got a crab but wanted it off as soon as it was on.
I put a little tiny fish on Elena's back, and Jesús got waves on his knuckles, I think the adults liked the tattos more than the kids.
Patrick helped us on Saturday as we put up our christmas tree and decorations. We like to do it quickly so Jesús has time to help me with the tree. Patrick actually got to help this year, it was so fun.

Sara made Gingerbread cookies for us to decorate and eat. Patrick did his very own cookie and he loved it because he got to eat the frosting and the candy.
Of course the frosting was the funnest part
Patrick shared with me, yum.
Jesús just helped himself to the yummy frosting.
This is a picture of Kristina holding Patrick Thanksgiving weekend 2006 when Patrick was born and.....
this is Kristina holding Elena Thanksgiving weekend 2008. I dont think she has changed her clothes since 2006. Just kidding Kirshmina!!!! Love ya!!
Sara had a little accident with the frosting, when it exploded on her cookie.
Caleb had a good time on the massage chair, it was very relaxing.
Patrick couldnt really focus on his dinner.
Elena had fun hanging out on the couch with Grandma and Grandpa.

Here are the kids waiting in anticipation for Sara to here on Wednesday. We were so excited to spend time with her.


Ashley and Nate said...

You guys have the cutest kids!!

Johnsons Away said...

How fun, I love the frosting picture :)
It is the best to be with family for the Holidays.
That was so funny that she was in the same sweater :)