Saturday, December 20, 2008

Our little adventure

Well we had originally planned on leaving on Friday but we saw that it might be snowing on Friday so we left on Thursday after the big desert storm. We of course had to wait until some of the roads opened. We ran our errands while we waited and bought some chains in case the roads got bad and we got a call from Jocelyn telling us that walker pass was open if we had chains so right before we headed for walker pass we heard that the 58 had opened so we left. It was nice and sunny but I, of course, was still nervous.

We got through Tehachapi fine and then hit traffic, where we waited until 5:30 to finally get through Kramer junction. It was really icy at the gas stations but the roads were pretty dry. We got a call from Jesus's sister that they were stuck in Primm with a dead battery. So we stopped in Barstow to buy a battery and have dinner and feed the baby. We got on our way and the roads were pretty dry until we started going down the hill towards Primm and there was a little ice but we didnt have any problems. So we found his sisters and put the battery in their car. By that point it was 9:30 and we were all pretty sick of being in the car and so we decided to stay the night in Primm. We got a room and went to bed.

We got up in the morning got breakfast and headed on our way. We made a couple stops to get gas and feed the baby and then we got to St. George by noon. We had lunch and stopped at my uncles house for a rest. We drove through mostly sunny skies until we were about 2 hours from Springville. The snow started falling and we kept it slow and stayed behind a big truck. We finally hit Nephi at about 7 and we only had an hour left, but we could barely see the truck in front of us and we ran out of windshield fluid so we stopped. We decided we should put the chains on just to be safe. We waited there awhile and then got on our way. Elena cried the rest of the way and Patrick just put his blanket over his head.

We were about a half a mile from our exit when the chains broke and we had to pull over and take them off. We got here at about 8pm and are safe and warm in the Moreno house. We dont have any plans to go anywhere except maybe the Orton (my Moms family) Christmas party. After that, Im not going anywhere till we go home. Patrick did go out this morning for maybe 5 minutes then started crying because he was cold. Oh well.


Eric said...

That's why we have 4wd. No storm stops us from getting anywhere. I guess it is hard to drive when they close the freeway in California.... I drive from SLC, past Park City and to Midway every weekday. They have never closed the road on me. Even when all the semi trucks get stuck..

Papa Randy said...

Glad you are there safe. You will be sorely missed. Have a very Merrry Christmas even if you don't have 4wd.

Eric said...

There is what the snow looked like at our place!!

Johnsons Away said...

I'm glad you guys made it safe. You need to get your money back on those chains, they should do better then that. I'm glad you guys took it slow, I'll see you soon. We actually decided to go back to my in-laws house for the New Year. Have fun!!