Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Our Utah week

We are home and are cleaning up the disaster that was made when we unloaded the car. But now it is time to recap on what we did in Utah. Here are the pictures.

First, these are the family pictures we had taken on Saturday, I love them.

The original Moreno Family
Here is our family, it took forever for Patrick to sit still with a decent look on his face so we had to give him a bag of fruit snacks to get him to stop crying so he has the bag in his hand.
And here are the baby girls, are they so adorable?? I cant wait to get these framed!
Roxanna holding the babies.
The boys had to go build a snow man out side
Jesus was the ladder man
Patrick actually went out for about a half hour and enjoyed himself, he reminded me of the kind on A Christmas story that says "I cant put my arms down"

This was the beginning of the snow wrestle between Jesus and his brother Cisco

This was the finished product of the snowman. Pretty gruesome huh?

Every year my dad makes the best biscuits and gravy I have ever eaten. But he only makes them on Christmas morning. Well I decided to try making them and they turned out yummy.
I want more
Patrick and Elena enjoyed the big chair
Elena and I were twinsies one day so we got a pic
Here are the adorable girls, I love this one of Lucia because she looks like she found Elenas hand and wants to have a taste

Patrick wanted a picture too
Gabe and Patrick made a Gingerbread house
Patrick had a hard time not eating the candies

This was the Christmas eve spread, yuuummmmmmmm
Christmas morning was madness. I have never had a christmas with that many people, it was awesome.

Lucia loved this little crawling winnie the pooh
Roxanna and I got matching jammies and we bought the girls matching jammies, soooo we took a picture

Present madness
Lucia got this fun tunnel thing so we stuck the girls in to play together

Sebastian wanted to play tooChristmas dinner preparations
Elena got a really cute outfit from Aunt Sara that she almost didnt get to wear because we left it at my Aunts house and Mom and Sara were leaving the next day, but luckily they called and Jesus went and got it.

Jesus played the tuba in Highschool and now his little brother Alexander is playing. Jesus decided to play us a few songs.

Then Patrick had to have a turnHere was the snow man after it had been snowing for a few days
And this was what it was like outside and the reason I didnt go anywhere for a week. It was pretty from the inside only.


Samantha said...

Very cute family photo's:)

Papa Randy said...

Very cute pics of your trip. Looks like a great time with great famly members. Glad your back and had a great time. Your sweet little family is grwoing up so fast and really are beautiful.

The Caceres Family said...

I love the pictures! I had a great time spending the week with you and Jesus and the kids. Lucia and Elena finally met. I'm glad I got to know you better!

Johnsons Away said...

I love the pictures too. I didn't know Jesus had sucha big family. Don't you just love the craziness. Glad you guys are back and had a great time.