Thursday, July 10, 2008


Ok, I am sick to my stomach. I could be due to the fact that I am eight months pregnant or it could be from in preparation for the new baby I have been pulling all the old baby stuff out of the garage and in doing so have found that a mouse has been living in Patricks old carseat and in his old boxes of clothes. When we moved into this condo, we were happy to discover that we would get an unattatched garage. Well, I put Patricks big stroller in the garage and I tossed one of our sheets rolled up into the stroller. About a month later I was pulling the stroller out of the garage and I picked up the rolled up sheet and mouse droppings fell out of the end and I looked down to see a mouse tail hanging out of the end as well. I was so totally freaked out because mice can carry disease and pregnant women should not be around animal feces. I ended up leaving the sheet in a pile in the garage and I cleaned the stroller with boiling water and Pinesol. Well I pulled out Patricks old boxes of baby clothes a few days ago, along with his old carseat and guess what I found?? Yep, mouse poop!!!!! So I have washed the baby clothes and I am washing and bleaching the carseat. I pulled the carseat and the base apart and in the base I found that the mouse had been chewing through the seat belt part and there was mouse poop all in the crevices of the base. Stupid mouse!!


The Potter Pack said...

That is awful ... I would hate to clean that up too ... sorry that is a total bummer ... are you still up for the natural delivery ?