Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Patricks summer

As Patrick was born in September, he never really got to enjoy the fun activities that summer has to offer. Now that he is older he can really enjoy swimming and barbeques that we as a family enjoy (usually at Grandma and Grandpas house). We have really enjoyed this warmer weather as we trek out with our mommy group to CALM or walking in the morning. We are making our way to Utah this week to stay with Jesus's parents and it will also be their first meeting to their newest grandchild. We are extremely excited. Mom is coming with us as well so it should make the long drive with an infant more bearable. We are planning on spending time with my family as well so this should be fun week. We are going to take alot of pictures so I should have more to post when we get home or since I will be sleeping in the capital home of computers I could just do it there. Patrick has also started crawling. He is a little wobbly still but he makes a great effort. He has also started pulling himself up to stand while he's holding onto something, usually the side of the bathtub which scares me to death but he has to learn...:( he is getting so big and I miss when I could just hold him and he wouldnt wiggle and try to get out of my arms to play. So when I get him to fall asleep in my arms I really take advantage. Jesus has one more week of school and then he is done for the summer and he can just work at the Kern County Supernintedent of schools office, a job which is stressful but he loves it. He's such a hard worker and we appreciate him every day. Im glad I can stay at home and enjoy all of Patricks little firsts. I try to get them on camera so Jesus can watch when he gets home but Patrick is pretty quick. His newest favorite thing to do is read books. He just cant seem to put them down. Its so cute how he will pull all of his books out and look at them all. Well thats all I can think of until we get back. Enjoy the pics.