Saturday, June 30, 2007

Ladies and Gentlemen...

I would like to introduce you to Mrs. Sarah Jane Nolte!!! Isnt she gorgeous??? We were able to go to a wonderful wedding reception last night at the famous Nevilles house. We got to take a little family picture for ourselves. Thanks to the lovely Lori. We are enjoying our summer so far and now Jesus is out of school and he can take a break and just concentrate on his job. Patrick is loving having his dad home at night and will be sad when school starts again. I have some great pictures of Patrick trying to drive the car while Dad washed the outside of the car. And I have a very adorable picture of Patrick watching his favorite show, Mickey Mouse clubhouse!!! When it comes on he screams and crawls to the tv as fast as he can and stands there the whole time. He even dances when they dance. How did we get so lucky!!