Sunday, June 17, 2007

Over the hills and through the woods to Grandmothers house we went

Hello!!! We are back from Utah and what a trip. We left last Saturday, Patrick, Jesus, Mom and I,and made it all the way to St. George then we stayed the night at my uncle Dougs house. The drive wasnt that bad and we even stopped in Primm to do a little shopping at the outlets. Patrick was pretty good for the first day. The second day wasnt as great and it was wonderful to finally get to Provo. We dropped Mom off at my Grandparents house so she could help them out for the week and then we made our way back to Springville so Patrick could meet his Grandparents for the first time. It was wonderful and everyone loved him. Monday, Sara took Mom, Patrick and I shopping for some new modest clothing and then we had lunch at Zupas. That night Mom had planned a big talent show at Grandma and Grandpas house for Grandmas 80th birthday and Jesus and I made it just in time to see everyone before they left. We had a little mishap back at the Morenos, Sebastian, Jesus's younger brother passed out while splashing some water on his face in the bathroom and had to be taken to the emergency room to get the cut on the back of his head cleaned and closed. He's fine now. Just a little ulcer. Tuesday we got to go to the Airport in Salt Lake and pick up Francisco at the airport who had just come home as a return missionary. It was great to see him again and talk to him. He was very much like a returned missionary. Wednesday Mom, Jesus, Patrick and I traveled through provo canyon to Midway to Pick up Patty and Heather, my aunt and cousin to do a little shopping in Park City. It was a good time. We went back to Patty's condo and all the Standifirds showed up (my moms sisters family) and my sister and we went to dinner and then back to the condo to play a little KILLER BUNNIES. Fun Fun Fun!!! I recomend it. Thursday we didnt do much just kind of helped Cisco catch up on good movies he missed, and took care of Jesus and Patrick while they had the flu and Patrick had 3 teeth coming in. Yuck. Friday Sara took us to Kneaders for the best French Toast you have ever tasted. Then we went over to the BYU Campus and walked around and went to the bookstore for a little more shopping.

We were shopping maniacs. If you cant tell. Patrick loved seeing everything and everyone in Utah thought he was the cutest baby. I agree. Patrick loved playing with his uncles and aunts. He loved dressing up like a lifegaurd like his uncle Nick. He loved sitting with uncle Gabe while he played the Wii. He rocked out with his Dad on Guitar Hero II and loved playing on uncle Gabes drum set. That night the Morenos tried out a game of Killer Bunnies and I went over to Sara's apartment and hung out with her and her roomates. Good times.

Saturday morning we packed up and said goodbye to Grandma and Grandpa and left for St. George. On our way home we stopped at Beaver and had some squeaky cheese and a picnic. It was a trip we will never forget. We are going back next month...just kidding, but we are going back to St. George for a family reunion (Yikes) and we wont even have Grandma Connie to babysit in the back seat. Oh well. There was a good time had by all.