Wednesday, November 20, 2013


So we headed to California for Thanksgiving. It was a 3 day drive both ways. Rough. But it was so worth it. 

 This was the General Patton museum. I thought Dad would be interested in knowing we drove by this. 

Then we came into our valley. We have a valley. Not really but hey, I'll claim it. 

 We found the first evidence of Disneyland

 First thing we did after went to the hotel to check in was head to the beach. I just wanted to hear the waves. The kids loved it. They weren't happy when we had to drag them away for dinner. 

 We met Ben and Janae since they are the closest to the beach. We needed Wahoos. Needed. I had shrimp tacos and they were divine. Check!

 Crazy picture of Ben. Check!


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