Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013

Elena gets to dress up for preschool but Patrick doesn't. So I'm soaking up the last chance I have to send her off to school in a costume. The kids all sang some pretty cute songs for their parents they had been practicing. 

 This is Elena's friend Preston. That boy is the sweetest little boy ever!!! I swear if I didn't know his mom I would take that boy home. 

 We went to our annual pumpkin carving night but the lights were out so we left and went to a friends house instead to hang out. So the next day we finished our pumpkins. 

 For actual Halloween we went to Jesús's parents house so we could go trick or treating with family. 
Elena wore 3 different costumes this year. She was Ariel at preschool, a ballerina at our ward trunk or treat and tinker bell for Halloween. When you have options, go for it. 

 Patrick was good ol' Tony Stark/Iron Man

 Sweet little Benjamin and the rest of his family were all minions. Would you look at that sweet face?

 Then Raquel brought Layla by. She was a cute little princess. She's Totes Adorbs and reminds me of Elena when she was a baby.