Thursday, September 5, 2013

This kid is 7!!!!!

 So Patrick wanted a Balloon avalanche too but he woke up too early and I could hear him moving around while I taped up the plastic. Then he had to find a flashlight and shine it under the door to see if I was out there. I told him to go back to bed. That kid is an early riser. 

 He got to open up Grandma Connie's presents too in the morning. 

 He loved the Hobbit Legos and then he said that he remembered that when he was a baby I took pictures of him in a box so he wanted to try it again. It was actually a little blue basket which we don't have anymore but hey, when you need to get in a box, do it. 

 He wanted big waffles with whipped cream for breakfast. Can you tell he enjoyed it?

 I seriously adore this kid. He likes taking pictures for special moments with Elena. 

 We decided to have a small party for him with just a few friends but I think they had a blast. We bought a bunch of nerf guns and bullets and they played live action Call of Duty with Jesús and Randy. Us girls hung out in our room and chatted and made bracelets.
For Patricks cupcakes I tried to go with a camo look but they were kind of nasty. Not my best work.

Happy Birthday to this big 7 year old. I love him. Love. Him.


Connie de said...

You could just tape up that box and send it to Bakersfield...