Monday, September 23, 2013

On the house front....and back and sides

So when we bought our house it didn't come with screens on the windows and I love an open window so I have opened up our windows anyway to let the breeze in. Well when the breeze came in so did the bugs. So I was looking online to see how much it cost to have your windows fitted for new screens. I figured we would just save up and get in done next year. Well as I was walking through Lowes looking for something I found a whole screen making section so we went for it. It took a few tries to get all the measuring down but once we figured it out it only took about 3 evenings to finish them all. 

We had to measure the frames and cut them to the right size.

 Then assemble the frames

 Then we had to put the screen into the frame

 Then we just cut the excess off and put it in the window. Easy peasy. 


Connie de said...

Just like Young House Love!