Tuesday, June 11, 2013


So this summer is much different than last summer. Living in an apartment was rough but we had 2 pools we could swim in any time we wanted. We also went to the rec center to swim and we can go there now but packing up and driving 10 minutes to the rec center doesn't always sound fun. So we invested in a tiny pool. It didn't keep the kids entertained as long as we had hoped but it worked for a couple of afternoons. 

 We also started swimming lessons again at the rec center. This year a duck decided to lay her eggs in the bushes. The kids love to run over every morning before their lessons begin. We're excited to watch the babies hatch. 

Elena can't move up classes because she isn't 5 yet so I had to put her in the same class as last year. However they divided up the class into skill level and she was in the higher class. She's definitely ready to move on. It's funny to watch her swim away from her teacher all the time in the little pool though. She's definitely keeping Miss Madison on her toes.